måndag 9 april 2012

Endings & Beginnings

For five years now I have been a part of this magic place called Blogland! I have written my posts regularly, sometimes on a daily basis and I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts and creative adventures with you all. Through my blog I have made new friends from all over the world and have been inspired to try out new crafts and techniques. I have participated in all kind of events like OWOH, Feltunited, In war someone has to die and International Yarnbombing Day, which I probably wouldn’t have done hadn’t I followed their blogs.

I have loved every day of it but have decided that it will come to an end. My blogging days are over maybe not for ever but at least for now. I feel both relieved and sad. It’s a big part of my life that won’t be there anymore. But writing a blog is time-consuming and I want to devote my time to develop as an artist. My head is full of exciting ideas and projects –I want to take up painting, try out embroidery on new mediums, maybe buy a knitting machine ….I might start a web shop, give workshops, write a book or sell my stuff on Etsy,….I just wont write a Blog anymore!

I have loved meeting you all!


3 kommentarer:

  1. Hej! Tänker ibland att det tar lite för mycket tid. Eller egentligen inte att blogga, men att hinna svara och kommentera hos andra. Så det gör jag inte så ofta som jag kanske borde. Tack vare FB kan vi ju ha kontakt ändå. Lycka till med allt kreativt du ska göra nu!

  2. Dear Jeanette, it has been grand! I am also not blogging at the moment, but am richer for having done so, and for having met you. Your bird still flies happily beside my computer as I type this, bringing me joy and comfort. I shall keep in touch and perhaps we will meet in person one day too.
    Eleanor x

  3. oh my! here I am, months behind your decision not to blog! are you on facebook? how can we connect? xo