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My name is Jeanette Nord and I live in Malmö, Sweden with my husband, two teenaged daughters, two cats and a hamster.

For me creativity is about joy! The feeling I get inside when a fabric, yarn, tin can or color scheme gets my creativity going and I light up like a 100 watt bulb inside. The urge to get started at once and the happiness and contentment I feel when creating something with my own hands.

You may think that you are not creative, arts & crafts teachers has a lot to answer for here, but it’s my firm belief that everyone can be creative and that everyone has a talent but for some this talent is hidden and yet to explore. By searching for the things that make you truly happy, the things you enjoy reading, watching, making or participate in you are most likely to stumble over that hidden talent of yours. But creativity is also about courage. You have to put trust in yourself and dare to follow where your creativity might take you.

I love all things creative and try to do some creative stuff everyday. I knit, do embroidery, metal craft and felting. Mixed media, painting and wood carving is fun too and so is all kinds of DIY. I never go anywhere without my camera.... Life is good but my days are way too short...

I have dedicate this blog to creativity - a creative manifesto and through my posts I hope to share my joy with you and maybe inspire you to try out something creative too.

Creative from an early age (....and full of mischief)

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