onsdag 30 november 2011

Anna this is for you

Today I like to share my thoughts on friendship with you. In my world good friends and family are what makes life a life or at least a life worth living. For me there are three categories of friends.

These are the friends that you have a good time with. You might not share your inner thoughts with them but you always share a laugh! Not the friends you would phone for help in the middle of the night though because they simply wouldn`t be there. They would be out partying! And come to think of it – so would you!

These are the friends with whom you do a great deal of soul searching. They know you well and they know your inner story. They are the ones you always turn to for good advice and whom you know will always be truthful even down to “Does my ass look big in this? “

Then there is the third category of friends. They are rare! They are 1 and 2 put together and then some. They can live near or far but you still feel their presence. Together with them you are totally at ease feeling secure, safe and loved. Between you there are sympathy, empathy, trust, loyalty, esteem and affection and together with them you can be your best or worst self and it doesn´t matter either way! These are the friends you carry closest to your heart!

This is my friend Anna.

Anna is a category three friend and we actually found each other by way of a blog in Australia. Imagine that eh... Anna is witty, funny and smart and I admire her for her courage, outspokenness ( is that a word?) and her colorful clothes. Anna has tried to teach me how to spin ( lets not go there) but managed to teach me how to knit heals on socks! Way to go Anna! When we meet we actually manage to get some knitting done in between laughs…..

Anna I am so glad I met you.


måndag 28 november 2011

My weekend in pictures

I went to a fab birhday party, held a tiny Christmas market together with my friends, tried to untangle the outdoor Christmas lights with a little help (!) from Tiger the cat, made this years advent candle holder and lighted the first candle.

I hade a great weekend hope you had a good one too!

Take care

fredag 25 november 2011

The Friday Tutorial

The "Skara stake" - a candle holder

Today the tutorial isn`t by me. Instead I would like to introduce you to a great blog called 365 saker du kan slöjda or 365 things you can craft. They do alot of recycled craft, have fab tutorials and the blog is a constant source of inspiration to me.

Here are the candle holders that I made from following their tutorial. They are made from old cookie tins. As you all know I have alot of those :-)

You find the tutorial here. It`s in swedish but the pictures sort of tells you what you need to know but if you need a translation don`t hesitate to ask me.

This weekend I will light the first advent candle and sell my stuff at a Christmas market. So I leave you for the weekend and hope you all have a creative one!


torsdag 24 november 2011

Business as usual

It is business as usual in Santa’s workshop.

Today I am making cake stands from old Christmas tellers. Tellers that once were a collector’s item to proudly hang on your wall but now are sadly forgotten and found in dark corners at jumble sales. I love the blue color but wouldn’t want them on my wall. I think the tellers are happy though, although I am gluing them together. The get a chance to be famous again disguised as something else….

Take care

onsdag 23 november 2011

Babysitting Miss Sneeze

I`ve been working from home this afternoon since I had to babysit little miss Sneeze. She was badly bitten by another cat and had to undergo an emergency surgery. Five stitches and a plastic cone “thing” later she is now trying to move about on wobbly feet. Poor thing, she SO hate that plastic cone.

Miss Sneeze moved in with us at Christmas two years ago and we call her our little Christmas wonder. Well me and my daughters do….my husband wasn’t overly trilled since we already had one cat. She was 12 weeks old, terribly undernourished and weighed like a 4 week old kitten. She also had a cold, an eye infection and five broken ribs.

12 weeks old

So being bitten by another cat is peanuts for her if it wasn’t for that blasted plastic cone…..

I started on a new knitting today too. I really should be making stuff for the Christmas market I am attending but didn`t feel like it. So here I am knitting away and waiting for inspiration to strike me…

This is what I am making.

Photo from Karin`ds blog
Just couldn’t resist it when I saw it on Karin’s blog. I think it will look great with my new mittens.

Karin`s blog is always a big inspiration to me especially her embroideries. She wrote a great book on embroidery with beautiful patterns which is one of my favorite books when it comes to embroidery.

Now I have to go and give Miss Sneeze her antibiotics.....

Take care

måndag 21 november 2011

My weekend in pictures

I went to a Christmas jumble sale with my mum. I bought a lot of tablecloths with beautiful patterns, some vintage Christmas tree decorations and also added three new cookie tins to my tin collection. It was great fun with a jumble sale devoted to just Christmas stuff. Me being a Christmas freak….On Saturday evening we had a family gathering celebrating my mum’s birthday. That left me with a serious hangover and Sunday somewhat wasted.

Take care

fredag 18 november 2011

The Friday Tutorial

Button heart
I am always on the lookout for new buttons to add to my button collection. Last year I bought 800 tiny white buttons at a jumble sale for next to nothing. I am slowly working my way down  the pile.... 

Today I managed to use a few while making a heart. Want to know how I did it? Welcome to tag along.

You need: wire, flush cutter, pliers and buttons. Any size and color will do.

Bend the wire in the shape of a heart.

Attach the buttons to the heart by using thin wire or ordinary sewing tread. Work your way around the whole heart.


Easy, fast and fun!

Now I leave you for the weekend. Hope you have a creative one!

torsdag 17 november 2011

Making stuff

Busy times in Santa’s workshop. I am making stuff to sell at a Christmas market next weekend. Am I late? You bet ya! Am I starting to panic? Yep, you can bet on that too.

Nice with a helper, although he is mostly sleeping on his post.

Take care

onsdag 16 november 2011

39 days

Hyacinths are my favorite winter flowers. I am a Christmas freak and buying hyacinths are the starting shot for my Christmas preparations. I usually try to keep myself from buying them until December but just couldn’t resist when I saw these in my flower shop today. I only like the white ones though but on the other hand I am almost obsessed with those. I love having them in hyacinth glasses so I can see both the beautiful bud and the delicate roots. When they have almost bloomed over I sometimes pick the flowers and make a wreath by treading them on a piece of wire. I have them all over my house and coming home to the smell of hyacinths well that’s Christmas for me.

39 days and counting……

Take care

måndag 14 november 2011

My weekend in pictures

Below zero for the first time this autumn. Dug up my vegetable garden preparing it for the winter rest, enjoyed the beautiful autumn weather and knitted, knitted, knitted. New pair of mittens and a stack of tiny flowers that are goíng to be made into brooches.

Take care