onsdag 30 november 2011

Anna this is for you

Today I like to share my thoughts on friendship with you. In my world good friends and family are what makes life a life or at least a life worth living. For me there are three categories of friends.

These are the friends that you have a good time with. You might not share your inner thoughts with them but you always share a laugh! Not the friends you would phone for help in the middle of the night though because they simply wouldn`t be there. They would be out partying! And come to think of it – so would you!

These are the friends with whom you do a great deal of soul searching. They know you well and they know your inner story. They are the ones you always turn to for good advice and whom you know will always be truthful even down to “Does my ass look big in this? “

Then there is the third category of friends. They are rare! They are 1 and 2 put together and then some. They can live near or far but you still feel their presence. Together with them you are totally at ease feeling secure, safe and loved. Between you there are sympathy, empathy, trust, loyalty, esteem and affection and together with them you can be your best or worst self and it doesn´t matter either way! These are the friends you carry closest to your heart!

This is my friend Anna.

Anna is a category three friend and we actually found each other by way of a blog in Australia. Imagine that eh... Anna is witty, funny and smart and I admire her for her courage, outspokenness ( is that a word?) and her colorful clothes. Anna has tried to teach me how to spin ( lets not go there) but managed to teach me how to knit heals on socks! Way to go Anna! When we meet we actually manage to get some knitting done in between laughs…..

Anna I am so glad I met you.


3 kommentarer:

  1. I am printing the photo of the two of you smiling and putting it on the inspiration board in my library.

    Love to you both,

    Eleanor xx

  2. Fint!
    Ju äldre jag blivit ju svårare tycker jag det är att finna de där vännerna med stor V, som om varken jag eller de andra har tid att komma sådär näranära. Jag kan sakna känslan av bästis jag hade när jag var barn.

  3. Du är min vän. Jag är stolt över att få vara din!
    You are my friend. I'm proud to be yours!

    Må 2012 fyllas av skratt, djupsinningheter, löv och mycket pyssel. Tillsammans.
    May 2012 be filled with laughter,profoundities, leaves and lots of rummageing. Together.