onsdag 23 november 2011

Babysitting Miss Sneeze

I`ve been working from home this afternoon since I had to babysit little miss Sneeze. She was badly bitten by another cat and had to undergo an emergency surgery. Five stitches and a plastic cone “thing” later she is now trying to move about on wobbly feet. Poor thing, she SO hate that plastic cone.

Miss Sneeze moved in with us at Christmas two years ago and we call her our little Christmas wonder. Well me and my daughters do….my husband wasn’t overly trilled since we already had one cat. She was 12 weeks old, terribly undernourished and weighed like a 4 week old kitten. She also had a cold, an eye infection and five broken ribs.

12 weeks old

So being bitten by another cat is peanuts for her if it wasn’t for that blasted plastic cone…..

I started on a new knitting today too. I really should be making stuff for the Christmas market I am attending but didn`t feel like it. So here I am knitting away and waiting for inspiration to strike me…

This is what I am making.

Photo from Karin`ds blog
Just couldn’t resist it when I saw it on Karin’s blog. I think it will look great with my new mittens.

Karin`s blog is always a big inspiration to me especially her embroideries. She wrote a great book on embroidery with beautiful patterns which is one of my favorite books when it comes to embroidery.

Now I have to go and give Miss Sneeze her antibiotics.....

Take care

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