torsdag 3 november 2011

Shrink shrank shrunk

First I threw them in the wash machine 40 degrees C for 40 minutes. They came out looking like hockey goalkeeper gloves. So back in the wash machine they went, this time in 60 degrees. After 60 minutes of restless waiting I opened the machine and out came a pair of Ronald Mc Donald gloves!!! They where felted but still too big and one mitten was a mysteriously 5 cm longer than the other. WTF? This demanded some serious action so I put one mitten on top of the other, cut of the unnecessary pieces with a scissor and sew the mitten together again on my sewing machine. Then I hand felted them in the sink for a while but the just wouldn’t shrink so I threw them in the spin dryer. After 20 minutes in the spin dryer I was down to a pair of mittens that might not have a perfect fit but at least was wearable.

The most fun part, embroidery and other embellishments will have to wait for the weekend. Then I just might start on a new pair too but knit them two sizes smaller and go for 60 degrees at once.

Take care

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