fredag 2 mars 2012

The Friday Tutorial

Soda can wreath

Swedish tin cans are rather boring. Not like anything you can buy in Asia or America.- color wise I mean. Swedish tin cans have nice paper labels but once the label has come off they all look the same silver metallic. That’s one of the reasons why I like to work with soda cans. They come in all kind of colors and patterns and not only that, they are so soft that you can cut them with a pair of ordinary scissors. Another good thing with soda cans is that you don’t get those awful sharp edges. Working with ordinary tin cans sometimes makes you think you are making Brazilian throwing stars…..

I like flowers and I like soda cans so today I`ll show you how to make a flower wreath out of soda cans.  You will need: soda cans, a pair of scissors, wire, tiny baking tins and pearls.

Fist you make a circular frame for the wreath using wire. Make it the size of your choise.

Then cut up the soda cans in one side with your scissor and then cut the bottom and top off. Now you have a sheet of metal instead of a can. Cut out flowers in diferent sizes and shapes. If you want to you can use a template and trace it to the back of the can before you start cutting.

Then put a small flower on top of a bigger one and continue adding layers of flowers until you are satisfied with the look.

Now you need to secure the layers. Tread a piece of wire through a pearl and twist the wire round the pearl.

Make a tiny hole through all the layers, stick the wire through the hole with the pearl facing the front side and the rest of the wire sticking out from the back.

Secure the flower to the frame using the wire sticking out from the back of the flower. Continue adding flowers to the frame until your wreath is completed. As you can see I used tiny baking tins as well as soda cans.

I promise you this wreath will never wither

Now I leave you for the weekend. Hope you have a creative one!


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