måndag 5 mars 2012


There I stood with at least 25 packages of seeds in my hand and I wasn’t alone. All of us woken by the spring sun and a deep urge to start growing plants immediately. With an enormous act of willpower I put the packages back on their shelves again and left the shop without buying any. Telling myself with a very firm voice that it’s way too early to start planting seeds anyway if you don’t want tall and thin ones (which I don’t). With an even firmer voice I told myself that I wasn`t allowed to buy anything until I’ve checked out what I had already got...

Which turned out to be a lot! Some bought last year and never planted (guess I was out of willpower then) and others carefully collected (or stolen) in gardens, parks or the country side.

To keep myself busy with other stuff than growing seeds I selected buttons for my black cardigan. Yep, the second car knit is finished.

I also started on a new knitting project; a cardigan no less, but this time a tiny one for a little baby. I fell in love with the spring colors though so I just might knit one for myself too.

Before I had a shawl knitting problem....knitting way too many. Wonder if I have a cardigan knitting problem now....

Take care

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