onsdag 21 mars 2012

You may not believe this

While I visited the Yarn & Fabric show I did not only buy a lot of yarn but I also attended a half hour workshop of Amigurumi. Now anyone who knows me would probably not believe this due to the fact that I with great stubbornness swear to the fact that I can’t crochet. I hated it in school and could never get my kettle-holders nice and square. The mere thought of reading a pattern, increase or decrease made my head spin. But what do you know? Miracles do happen!
After the half hour work shop I had made a crocheted cup cake in bright pink and I was hooked. I bought two patterns and when I got home I started on the first one – a rabbit! Now I have two feet and a paw to go and then I am finished.

Oh you may laugh thinking that a cup cake or a rabbit is no biggie. Well maybe it isn’t for you but for me its right up the same shelf as changing tires, sew a zipper or repaper your living room. It might not be rocket science but I still say - Wooohooo way to go Jeanette!


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