fredag 9 mars 2012

The Friday Tutorial

Recycled Easter egg bunny

When the candy is all eaten I always save the Easter eggs. I never remember where I put them though so each Easter I end up buying new ones anyway. But if I find an old one then the two halves usually don’t fit and I throw it away. Yesterday as I was looking through one of my kitchen cupboards I found an old Easter egg hidden at the back….and what do you know the halves didn’t fit. Standing there and looking at it I suddenly got an idea…how about making an Easter bunny mask to hang on the wall.

This is how I did.

I painted the two halves with white acrylic paint.

I printed some different women faces until I found one with an OK shape and size. I glued it to the egg.

Then I cut out a pair of bunny ears on aquarelle paper.

I glued the ears to the back of the “mask”.

I added a tiny bunny nose ( printed that one too) and a touch of red to the cheeks and mouth. I also painted the ears with white acrylic paint so they would get the same color as the rest of the egg.

Tadahh here she is!

For Easter I think she will get a blue ribbon.

It was so easy and fun! Can’t wait to make the other one too….might make it without a bunny nose though....not quite satisfied with how it looked....but now I will leave you for the weekend. I hope you have a creative one.


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