måndag 5 september 2011

Criminal behavior

Yesterdays walk in the gardens at Katrinetorp was a feast for the eye. All the flowers were in their most vibrant colors celebrating the last days of summer before the long gray period that are soon waiting ahead. I walked around for hours forgetting the time completely surrendering to the beauty of it all.

As I was walking among the flowers the capsules and seed-cases caught my eye and I am ashamed to say this but that’s not the only thing they did. Catching my eye that is. By some mysterious urge out of my control my hand starting to reach out picking a capsule here and a seed-case there and letting them disappear down my pockets, carefully looking over my shoulder to see if I was noticed by anyone.

In the evening as I was sitting at my work table carefully sorting the seeds and putting them in tiny little envelopes with name and date in neat letters I said to myself “OMG, I am a seed stealing criminal!” Is that a punishable offence? Will I have two years of hard labor in a quarry with not a flower in sight? Together with other convicts gone astray by their love of flowers and a need to see if they could cultivate them from seeds themselves… Who ever though that love of flowers could escalate to a criminal behavior. Not me, that’s for sure!

So a word of warning to all you flower lovers out there before you know it the capsule picking bug can hit you – big time!

Take care

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