fredag 9 september 2011

Thoughts from the sofa

I have been home sick these past few days and have had to put creativity on hold. I have mostly been lying on the sofa doing nothing. As I was lying there I started to think about creative things. Not so much in terms of “how about you get out of that sofa and start doing something” as to which course I would like my creativity to take and how I could best make time in a busy schedule for doing so.

The exhibition I had last summer taught me that I am not an “exhibition kind of gal”. It is important for me that my creative doings have a goal but I much rather create something for someone than create it for showing it at an exhibition. Or selling the stuff. I really suck at selling! Coming to terms with that felt very nice and almost relieving so that is one thing I know for sure that I won’t be pursuing any time soon.

After dozing of for a while I started thinking about creative stuff again and remembered my list of New Year resolutions. I don’t usually give any resolutions but did this year and I remembered that I had them written down somewhere. I thought it would be fun to see how far I had gotten on the list but had to search for quite a while before I dug it out from under a pile of paper....says something about how often I have been looking at it eh?

OK here goes

Not buy any new yarn - ooops! I think I broke that one already at the january sales..

Focus on making creative stuff using recycled materials now that’s better. I have done alot of that this summer! Way to go Jeanette

Embellish my blue velvet “Mao” jacket with some free embroidery- oh I had forgotten about that one! What a great idea now that me and my friends creative evenings starts again in the autumn. I was wondering what my new autumn project would be. Tadah, problem solved!

Learn how to knit socks – well only the heel actually. I know the rest - done! My dear friend Anna taught me. But the socks ain`t finished yet.....Better do that before the MAO jacket. Boooring! Hm, this list isn`t all that fun anymore.

Do at least one wood carving project using my knifes - I started on that only a few weeks ago. Great fun. Will definitely do some more! Give the chain saw a try, making a statue kind of thing - nope. Haven`t done that yet. But hope to in the autumn..... Be better prepared for FeltUnited in october - yikes! That is only in a couple of weeks time...This has to be my first priority....Boy am I lucky that I found that list!

Feeling tired again. Think I have to take another nap. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow. Then I really must start on the felting project. Take care

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  1. I hope that you are 'on the mend' and that this time of forced physical inactivity will result in a creative frenzy when you are fully well again!