fredag 23 september 2011

The Friday Tutorial

Postcards with a twist stitch

I like to collect free postcards; you know the ones with a bit of commercial on them that you can pick for free in restaurants and shops. I collect them mostly because I like using them for mixed media, collage or just because their color, pattern or message appeals to me.

I like sending postcards too. I am a bit old fashioned I suppose but I think that there are too many emails and text mails in this world and way too little letters and cards. We get so used to receiving answers in an instant that we forget how lovely it is to sending something off and then have to long for the reply. I mean, how romantic is a love letter in your inbox compared to a white envelope in your letter box?

Today I wanted to send a postcard for a friend and decided to pimp one of my freebies by adding embroidery. I used the same method as my mother did when I was just a little kid and wanted to do a bit of sewing. I drew a cross-stitch pattern to the postcard, made tiny little holes with a needle and then made the cross-stitch following the pattern and the tiny holes.

It was dead easy and fun and it gave the card an extra dimension by adding some texture to it. The great thing about it is that you can use any card, add whatever pattern you want and how much or how little embroidery as you like too. Maybe just a tiny stitch here and there so that you hardly notice it or a big black moustache on a beautiful woman….the possibilities are endless.

Now I leave you for the weekend – hope you have a creative one!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Häftigt att brodera på kort! Har sett något liknande någon annanstans också... vill jag med gjöra, ju! Ska försöka komma ihåg det!

    Ang. Koft-häxorna så är det nog bara att säga till på Dessis blogg som jag länkade till i mitt inlägg... och jag tror säkert att det går bra om man stickar en barnkofta också... kofta som kofta! Kul om du vill vara med!

    Jag måste ju ta mig tid och lusläsa din nya blogg också, den verkar inspirerande och kul!