onsdag 28 september 2011

Frantic felting

Yesterday evening it hit me big time, Saturday is October the 1: st, the We Felt United event and I wasn`t even started on my project yet. It was the same thing last year but then due to the fact that I didn’t know that such a thing existed until a few days before the event actually took place. This year everything would be so different, I would be so much more prepared… I even wrote it in my new years resolutions! It is not lack of ideas, oh no, it is lack of willpower. The better half of me ( the schoolmarm half) has been telling me for ages that I should get started but it’s like she is speaking klingon – I just don’t seem to understand what she is saying. I am so wasted!

After a bit of moaning I decided I had two options, quit the whole thing or get started. I opted for get started and I actually already had a sort of sketch in my head inspired by this book.

Since the event is worldwide I wanted to do something that was traditionally Swedish. The book is about old folklore grass crowns but what if you translated that into wool…..I could use locks of wool resembling grass ….I felt a deep surge of inspiration and hit the kitchen sink.

I needed two circular frames and decided to use wire that I covered with wool, felted in the sink and then gave a circular shape.  It turned out great and my head filled with ideas of all kind of stuff I could use the same technique for. I had to put them on hold though and get started on the “grass” which turned out to be both tedious and boring.

21 down and 39 to go...
I had made a quick calculation before I started that I needed about 50-60 felted “straws” and believe me, the only thing that kept me going was the thoughts on how I would pimp the finished crown with rowanberries, rose hips and scraps of metal…. I am not there yet….but I will keep you posted.

Take care

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