fredag 16 september 2011

The Friday tutorial

Creations in moss

Moss is a fantastic material for creating all kind of lovely things for the autumn. I very often use it for wreaths and flower arrangements but also to make bigger objects like teddy bears, a cat and a tiny armchair. When I make bigger stuff I drape the moss over wire netting almost like a piece of fabric. You can also drape it directly over other objects like an old chair for example.

The cat on the photo has a story of its own. I made it as a gift for my mum and while I made it I wept most of the time. I had lost one of my dear cat companions during the summer and missed him terribly. When I gave the moss cat to my mother she said "Oh , he looks just like Nasse" so without knowing it I think a put a bit of his soul into the moss creation. I have to confess that I weep a bit while writing this too....I still miss him so much.

I made a tutorial for how to make a Teddy Bear in moss a few years back. The technique for making other objects is the same. The only thing you need is moss, wire netting, wire and ordinary sewing tread.

Believe me, once you get the hang of it you want to make all kind of creations!

To follow the tutorial - read here

Hope you have a lovely and creative weekend

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