onsdag 14 september 2011

Eye candy

I bought this yarn for next to nothing at the Salvation Army and have kept it lying in a bowl on my work table ever since. It’s my eye candy! Color sparks my creativity. Yesterday I sat looking at the color explosion and before I knew what had happened I felt a strong urge to start making granny squares. I couldn’t quite remember how to do a granny square, crochet isn`t really my forte but when in need google. I found this great Swedish homepage with a very pedagogical tutorial.

I bet you can’t guess what I am making? Yep another shawl! But this time it’s not going to be a triangular one but a tube kind of thing. I think it’s called a cowl. I got the idea here.

As I was going through my yarn collection I also found a piece of fabric that I had forgotten I had (that happens to me a lot) so now I am going to make a dress too.

I think that will keep me busy the next couple of days.

Take care

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