torsdag 22 september 2011

Orange is the new black

I have written about my wardrobe before and the fact that it mostly consists of the happy color of black and how I promised myself that from now on I would add a spot of color to my life. Since then I have bought myself a green raincoat, made an orange dress and a bright blue shawl. I am also making a granny square cowl in bright colors that is coming along nicely…..

I have cravings ( but not yet courage) for a pair of  wool panty hose in very (extremely) bright orange with purple dots. I also want a pair of Doc Martens in red patent leather but since I bought a pair last year - in black of course I will have to settle for those. I could have colored shoe strings though….

Last week I was at my hairdresser and together we decided that it was high time to add touch of color to my hair too. So what color did a go for? Orange of course!

Nice eh? Even my teenage daughters where impressed – more with my sudden color courage I think than with the actual color!

Take care

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  1. Well, hello colour - nice to see you in such good shape. Nice work!