torsdag 29 december 2011

Do I have an artistic passion?

Last year I participated in One World One Heart hosted by Lisa Swifka. It was a great event and helped me find my way to many new bloggers around the globe. I am still following some of them. This year Lisa Swifka is launching a brand new event that is replacing One World One Heart. It is called Our World Our Art and will be an annual international blogwide art event.

Lisa says : “Its mission is to give all of us who create with our hands in many mediums and in many genres....a chance to celebrate our authentic artistic selves and our authentic artistic vision....together. This event will also continue the importance of meeting other bloggers from around the world making connections, forming friendships.”

What qualifies you to become a participant? Being an artist or a crafter? Well Lisa says that you have to have an artistic passion. So what is that then? No one explains it better than the creator/host herself:

“….In my book, and for the purposes of OWOA, we're going to call it your "artistic passion". So what does that mean? It means if you sit in your home or studio and you have supplies (whatever they may be) and you create something out of those supplies - by hand - and with your own designs....AND you LOVE doing it to sell or to just do it because you love it or because it brings harmony to your very existence....then you have "artistic passion". …. “

I have been creative all my life but to call myself an artist or a crafter always felt wrong somehow. I think I didn’t have self-confidence enough. I wasn’t well known or educated in arts & crafts and I didn’t have exhibitions or sell my “art”. So naturally I wasn’t an artist!

But I have absolutely no problem with artistic passion. I have loads of that. My life would be empty and not worth living if I wouldn’t have time to create. Hey I even wrote a Creative Manifesto…. So I can`t wait to enter Our World Our Art when it starts in the end of February. Hope to see you there too.

Do you want to read more about the event and the rules to participate you will find it here.

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