fredag 30 december 2011

The Friday Tutorial

Bicycle tube necklace

A flat tire is usually dead annoying but why not cheer yourself up by using the bicycle tube for making a necklace.

You need: An old bicycle tube - you can use a brand new one too of course if you don’t want to wait for a flat tire before trying this DIY out… needle, scissor, fishing line (0,25 mm) and pearls or other embellishments.

Start with cleaning your tube with soap and water. Let it dry. While it is drying you can chose the pearls you want to use. I often buy “ugly” or broken trinkets at jumble sales and “slaughter” them to reuse the pearls.

When the tube is completely dry you cut off pieces with your scissor. You can have all your pieces in the same size or you can let them vary depending on the look you want to create.

Wooohoo now it is finally time to go wild and crazy, mixing pearls and tube pieces to a unique necklace.

Measure how long you want your necklace to be and cut a piece of fishing line that is approximately 2 cm longer. Thread a needle with the line and start stringing pearls and tube pieces on it.

If you make a small necklace you have to start and finish it with a lock. I usually use one from my “slaughtered” findings. If the necklace is longer so you can thread it over you head then you don’t need a lock. Then you just finish by tying the pieces together with two or three knots.

The variations are endless...

I really love making these! They make great gifts and if you use recycled bicycle tube and pearls from jumble sale findings the cost you next to nothing!

Now I leave you for the weekend. I wish you a festive, fantastic and fun New Years Eve and I hope to see you all next year!


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  1. Vilket snyggt halsband!
    Kom på att jag har cykelslang och pärlor kvar från kursen i somras.