onsdag 14 december 2011

In need of some Christmas spirit

I have always loved Christmas, the capital letters kind of LOVE. Well I don’t love the hectic buy all the stuff you can get and put under the tree kind of Christmas that leaves people all hollow eyed and desperate in the shops. I love the Christmas that involves friends and family eating gingerbreads, drinking glühwein and playing scrabble. To go all crazy on Christmas decorations and make most of them myself. The warmth and joy of spending time with my loved ones.

This year I don’t seem to be able to get round to Christmas. It’s like Christmas barely happened. I know, I know it isn’t here yet but I am usually way into the good cheer - peace on earth – good will toward men feeling at this time of the year. It’s bothersome and it worries me.

Maybe it’s an age thing or an I have too much to do at work thing….Or it could be a what the heck happened to October and November thing. It could also be a weather thing. We have no snow!

Well, what ever it is I hope it’s  a passing thing.

Take care

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