fredag 23 december 2011

The Friday Tutorial

Gift tags
I love giving more than receiving. It’s the ultimate joy for me to find that exactly right gift especially when you can surprise someone with it on an ordinary day and not for a special occasion like Christmas or a birthday. I also like to gift-wrap them in a personal way. Since Christmas is just around the corner I would like to chare with you how I make my gift tags. If you dot want to use them as tags you can hang them in your Christmas tree as well.

I use vintage photos from the web but I think it very is important to honor those who have published them. These photos are lovelly freebies from the talented Teri Karhs at Pringle Hill Studios . I also used paper from a vintage book, card stock and glitter glue. You simply can`t have to much glitter glue in your life!

I cut out a photo with my scissor and also cut out a pair of angel wings using the vintage paper. I glued the wings on the back of the photo and then glued the "angel" on a piece of card stock for stability. Then I cut everything out. Added glitter glue to the wings and a small tread on the back for hanging.

This is the finished gift tag

Once I got started I had so much fun that I just kept going.

I will finish this DIY with a hot tip. If you want lovely vintage photos then you can hurry over to Lisa Vollrath. For the 6th year in a row Lisa at Ten two Studios and Go Make Something has been counting down the days to Christmas with printable image sheets. They are freebies to use in your own art work! Now if that isn`t true Christmas spirit I don`t know what is. Very generous !!

Now I leave you for the weekend. May you all have a merry Christmas!

See you all after the holidays!

Take care

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  1. Hej Jeanette! Tack för God Jul hälsning både på nätet och i brevlådan. Jag blev så glad och överraskad över det fina kortet! DIna pakettags är härliga! GOD JUL ♥!