onsdag 28 december 2011

Getting started

Do you remember my leaf? The one I am making for the Swedisk Art & Craft Society 100 year anniversary next year? I have been thinking about how to create my leaf for quite some time now but on Boxing day I finally got started. I decided to go for wet felting and the "working name" is Tree of Life. I needed to make both a front and a backside for the leaf.

Placing the wool on the prefelted fabric

Wetting it down with hot soap water

Hanging it to dry. The red is the front side and the pink is the backside...I think. ....So far...
 I plan to add needle felting and embroidery to it as well and probably some text and photos in decoupage. It was a relief to finally get going instead of just thinking about it. Sometimes I am SO very hard on myself and everything has to be perfect at once. That sort of stops me from getting started at all in fear of it ending up all wrong. Which is extremely silly really because I can always make another piece if I am not satisfied with the first one....

The leaf has to be ready at the end of February so for once I am not making a last minute project...

Take care

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  1. Spännane! Jag är klar med mitt löv, ska fota glimtar någon dag.