onsdag 21 december 2011

No snow in sight

We very seldom have snow in these parts of Sweden but the last two winters were long and hard. We had snow, lots of snow from the end of November until February. The south Swedes tend to handle snow badly and we are not used to having to drive carefully on hard packed snow. We were bitterly complaining about busses and trains not going on schedule and about lousy plowing and snow clearance. Come end of December we all wanted the snow to go away.

Kisses in the snow beats kissing in the rain!

This year we have no snow at all. Not a single flake! Everything is a boring grey, grey, grey! So this year I long for busses that are always late and to have to climb over walls of snow that are left by the snowplows. I want to take long walks in the winter landscape feeling nice and warm in my down jacket, long johns, mittens and cap.

I should have been more grateful last year…..

Take care

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