torsdag 6 oktober 2011

Buttons & insanity

I had been walking home through rain and storm my mood getting fouler by each step. I was desperately trying to see it from the bright side, like how an excellent opportunity this was to try out my new raincoat. A lot of good that did!

Still mad at the lousy weather I looked in my mailbox and suddenly it felt like the sun came out – my Art & Craft Magazine that I subscribe to was lying their smiling at me, glowing like a gold nugget. I took a quick peak at the cover – oh boy, the whole magazine was devoted to fabric scraps, ribbons and buttons. It even had an entire article about buttons!

You see my teenaged daughters have been showing concern about the fact that I recently started to sort my button collection by color, hinting that some psychiatric counseling wouldn’t go amiss. But a whole article, now that must mean that I am sane right?

Soon I am going to brew some tea in my new dotty teapot and sit down for a long read and the first article will definitely be the one about the buttons!

Oh joy!

Take care

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