torsdag 6 oktober 2011

Pop goes my cowl

I finished my cowl made of granny squares today. To crochet the squares into the actual cowl was rather boring. You know me, the "fast & failure woman" with very short attention span....Luckily I could watch this on the telly at the same time. I promise you I had a happy smile on my face all the time.

Bring the 80s back I demand. There is way too little neon in my wardrobe these days and shoulder pads is completely nonexistent. And the music, Wham, Eurythmics, Spandau Ballet, Genesis, Talking heads, Pet shop Boys, Frankie goes to Hollywood, Simple minds…..they just don’t make music like that anymore.

Hey I am nostalgic - so sue me! The 80s is my youth, the happy years when life was simple and everything was possible. Always a party going on and always expectation in the air that tonight would be the night when I would meet HIM…..and pop goes my heart.

Take care

2 kommentarer:

  1. 80s music always cheers me up!!

    And I've recently learnt how to crochet granny squares, so addictive.

    E x

  2. Ojojoj, själv fastnade jag i 70-talet o gillar modet o musiken fr den tiden. 80-talet förstod jag mig aldrig på, har aldrig "dansat i neon"...Men man är olika, tur det.
    Din virkade sjal är himla fin.
    Å benvärmare är ju det perfekta 80-tals-attributet (tänker Susanne Lanefeldt o "kniiip") men jag tycker du ska be ngn stickerska sitta bredvid dig o hjälpa dig att sticka en häl. Också. När man en gång har fixat en häl är det inte så trixigt. Lycka till!