onsdag 12 oktober 2011

The mad hatter

I collect things! I am like a squirrel that way or a hamster. I have a rather small workroom and when I have problems with cramming any more things in I have tried giving myself shopping restrictions when it comes to jumble sale findings or stuff from the thrift store or yarn shop. I also give myself “hamster” restrictions when it comes to stuff I find at the recycling plant, garbage dump, at my beach walks or in the woods. I say to myself that I am not allowed to buy or bring home any more of this or that before I have used up what I have already got. That is easier said than done. Mostly because when I find something I usually know that it is exactly right but I might not know what it is that it’s right for. I just have this feeling….It can be something in the shape, color or form that sparks my creativity or the hunch that I can use it to make something entirely different from what it’s generally used for.

Today I decided to stop giving myself restrictions. I mean it’s like I would say to myself “stop being creative”. So I bought five vintage lamp-shades. Because their shape appeals to me. I will probably strip the big one from its fabric and fringe and make a chandelier. I don’t know about the smaller ones. Not yet! I just know that they will be exactly right – one day!

Take care


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