måndag 24 oktober 2011

Hockey and wool

I had a good weekend although it started with a scare. I had to spend Friday afternoon at the emergency room with my eldest who fell of a horse. Luckily it was only a concussion. On Saturday I went to a hockey game, my very first IRL. It was more fun than I expected, well not the game as much as the intermission  rock music and the cheering. Even the photographers wore a helmet!

On Sunday I made a tiny crown out of wool. Or that was what it was meant to look like…..I am not really satisfied though ….but it’s a kind of prototype for a bigger one that I want to build.

I started on some Christmas presents in wet felting. These are supposed to keep your butt warm if you are on an outdoor picnic in the wintertime. I am going to add some needle felting and embroidery too.

 I added four more chairs to my champagne cork chair collection. Making them is addictive. Wish I could say that I had some champagne too but unfortunately these where corks that I saved from my daughters graduation in june…..

Take care

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  1. I was rushing with my comment to you on my blog yesterday, since my youngest girls turned 20 and they phoned me to Skype at the exact moment I was checking my comments! Anyway--I think you could definitely try the Shibori at home. Prepare the scarf in white or a light color, then dye it once...simmering (not boiling) for 45 minutes until the acid dye is exhausted. Then rinse and stitch (use strong thread and rubber gloves on your hands so you don't have the thread rip into your skin!) or tie or wrap (however you will do your Shibori)...trying not to let it dry out (keep it damp). Then, dye it again in another (darker) color the same way you did earlier. When it's cool, rinse and un-pick your stitches or untie and voila!! XXO-