måndag 10 oktober 2011

A weekend report

I had a really good weekend. I spent Saturday at the country house and we finally got the two first boards up for the inner ceiling in the room we are building on the second floor. This might not sound like much but it is a real milestone I can tell you because the house is more than a hundred years old and there are not a straight line anywhere. The actual hammering of nails was preceded by a lot of measuring and mathematic calculations on my husband’s part. This is where it is very good that my husband and I are not both swearing to the fast & failure method….All the boards would probably be up by now but it would most certainly look like we shared house with Alice in Wonderland or something.

While my husband was walking around speaking to himself I was outdoors in the beautiful autumn weather picking maple leaves. I wanted to try and make roses out of them like in this DIY. It was great fun and very addictive. I also picked the last sunflowers and elderberries and made three wreaths, one for my front door and the other two for my beloved friends Anna and Petra.

On Sunday I started on a new knitting – a brown linen tunic. Come to think of it, that must be another milestone since it wasn’t a shawl! I also started on a paper mache project that I hope to finish this week.

 Right now I have so many different ideas that I would like to get started on at once so it is a pity that I have to work too.

Take care

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