måndag 31 oktober 2011

How did it happen?

Do you remember when Saturday night meant dressing up and going out not dressing down and staying in? No? I do. Vaguely. When did it all happen? The slow transformation from party princess to couch potato? Well two kids happened and a husband .....not necessarily in that order. Then age hit you big time and suddenly there was no way you could go directly from the club to work at least not if you wanted to live until lunchtime and not even if you took just the tiniest detour to the coffee shop for a double espresso on your way there.

If I go out on a weekday nowadays I hear myself say “ I better be going home now. Workday tomorrow you know” when the clock has just passed 9 pm. Í have a faint memory that before I used to say "the night is still young" and then it was usually past midnight.

Maybe it’s a vitamin thing?
Or a germ thing?
Or a lack of sun thing?
Anyway, I hope it’s a passing thing.

Wouldn’t want to start sitting on a park bench feeding the pigeons just yet.

They say that many fun-loving boys and girls go unnoticed because they walk around in uncle and aunt bodies. So maybe I am just a fun-loving lady temporarily hidden in a grandma body?

Fat chance!

Take care

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