onsdag 19 oktober 2011

The Remake competition

Stockholms stadsmission is an organization that works for the exposed and vulnerable in society. The have shelters for the homeless and some of their fundraising comes from second hand shops where you can donate clothes and furniture for them to sell. The also have their own brand called Remake where they make new stuff from old stuff .  

I love recycling. To see the potential in something old and battered and then turn it into something new and useful – that’s when I have my happiest moments.

This September Stockholms Stadsmission arranged a competition to gather new ideas for the Remake brand. I entered my cookie stand made of an old teapot and wineglasses. I didn’t make it to the finals but that doesn’t matter it was great fun and very inspirational just to see all the fab ideas for remaking stuff that was entered in the competition.

Do you want to be inspired too? Look here.   I really want to try and make the table made of books and the basket knitted of old fabric.

Take care

PS I`ll show you on Friday how to make the cake stand.

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