tisdag 25 oktober 2011

I want one too....

photo from Jag Blommar

Today I spoke to a blogfriend IRL. Her name is Maria and her blog Jag Blommar is a constant source of inspiration to me. Today she was wearing the most beautiful cowl in thick red wool and I had a serious attack of craving! It turned out that she had made it herself from yarn she sells in her web shop.

One phone call later I was the happy owner of five balls of yarn. I bought enough to make a pair of mittens too! If I am lucky they will arrive tomorrow and I can get started at once. It felt so nice speaking to her, a bit like you already know each other. Thats one of the great things about Blogland getting to know new people from all around the globe.

Thanks Maria for the inspiration you give me everyday....and the yarn!

Take care

2 kommentarer:

  1. Precis så, som att prata med någon man känner litegrann. Tack själv!

  2. Jag missade det här inlägget! Och nu när jag bläddrar bakåt för att få lite inspiration så läser jag att du har pratat med Maria! Visst har hon en underbar röst? Hon låter så snäll och rar att jag bara smälter.

    Anna Stilla