fredag 7 oktober 2011

The Friday Tutorial

Halloween pumpkin deluxe
Halloween is soon upon us and it is high time to think about the decorations. I like to have a carved out pumpkin or two outside my door with candles in them. The problem for me has always been the fact that the candle never burns more than 5 minutes or so mostly due to the fact that November is a very rainy and damp month in the south of Sweden. The pumpkin also turns into a soggy and sorry sight very fast.

Last year I decided to put electrical lights in the pumpkins instead and the result was great. I remember I got the idea from somewhere, Martha Stewart maybe. It has kind of a Martha Stewart-ish ring to it…. You can see above that am no Martha Stewart, more like the wicked witch from the north….but here goes.

You need: A pumpkin (of course) the bigger the better, string of Christmas lights for outdoor use , a sharp knife for cutting a lid, a big spoon or ladle to carve with and a chisel to make the tiny holes.

Cut a lid with the knife and remove it. Carve out the gooey stuff inside and the seeds. You can roast the seeds in the oven if you like they are yummy to eat with a sprinkle of salt. Oooops sorry, now I am really going Martha Stewart on you.

When the pumpkin is really “clean” inside you use the chisel to make tiny holes in the pumpkin. Count how many lights you have in the string and that is how many holes you should make. You can place them randomly over the surface or make a pattern if you like. Place the string of lights inside the pumpkin and push a tiny light through each hole. Put the lid back on and light it! Now you have a pumpkin where the lights won`t go out!


Now I leave you for the weekend. Hope you have a creative one!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Ska nog försöka hinna göra ett par lysande pumpor att ha utanför stugan till Kulturnatta den 14/10!
    Kan bli fint... bara det inte regnar!

  2. Hej Jeantte!

    Kom till min blogg när du har tid.
    För där finns det en hälsning till dig.

    Anna Stilla

  3. Jeanette, jag är inte riktigt överrens med din kommentarsfunktion så jag skriver en gång till, i fall den första kommentaren försvann någonstans i cyberrymden.

    Kom till min blogg för jag har en liten hälsning till dig.

    Anna Stilla

  4. Hej!
    Jag har aldrig gjort en pumpa, är lite halloween-anti, men det ser ju mysigt ut när den lyser.

    jag har beställt pallarna från ILVA, fanns på rea i somras. Men nu hittar jag dem inte i webshopen, så kanske är de slut. Vet att det finns liknande svarta, gula och vita på Ellos.