måndag 17 oktober 2011

A weekend report

Autumn is upon us. Leaves and grass was covered in frost when we came down to the country house this weekend. It was breathtakingly beautiful, like the garden was sugarcoated. The sun was shining but we chose to stay indoors all the same. We put up 10 new boards on the ceiling which took all day. I know that it doesn’t sound like much but first you need some careful measuring and then you stand on two ladders holding up 4,80 meters of board while hammering the nails. A somewhat wobbly business! We try to see every board that goes up like a small victory and try not to think so much about the approximately 90 boards that are still to go….. This is SO much easier for my husband than for me. I want the room to be ready now!

In-between my husbands measuring and me needing to give him a hand I was knitting. I am working on a tunic in a brown linen yarn and it is rather boring because the yarn is thin so it was quite nice with some knitting company even if my husband isn’t very talk active while measuring. Knitting is good for doing some soul-searching too.

When I was knitting I was also enjoying the view over the sunflower border. The birds were having a feast on the seeds and although there were a lot of sunflowers they still fought about the seeds. The room we are building is on the second floor so it was a perfect spot for doing some bird watching.

I love my country house and living close to nature. It gives me a perspective on things. I could say it calms me down but that would be the tiniest of lies. I think I will always be a “places to go, things to do“ kind of woman.

Take care

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