måndag 9 januari 2012

A daily challenge for 2012 ?

In the middle of December artist Cathy Cullis wrote a post about having a daily project during 2012.  She wrote about the challenge of a daily project and how it would or would not appeal.  I have been thinking about her post ever since, weighing the pros and cons for such a scheme. Should I take the challenge on? Would I have time for a daily project? Would it add something good to my creative life or just be stressful?

Finally I came to a conclusion. I do something creative almost every day and my life would feel very empty if I didn’t but I also would find it hard to stick to one thing everyday since my greatest joy is to try out new things. I am also very hard on myself when I set a goal and would force myself to live up to it. There would be a big risk of this turning into something I “had” to do instead of something I “wanted” to do. So I decided to not go for a daily project but a weekly project instead. I decide to join Tag Tuesday, a project where I  get to try out different techniques but within a certain theme. Tag Tuesday is a weekly challenge hosted by Carolyn Saxby and you can learn more about it here.  I have never made Tags before so it will be great fun to make one….hopefully I will find it  a fun challenge the next 51 weeks too.

Up until now my Tuesday posts has been devoted to – Things I Love Tuesday but from next week on it will be Tag Tuesday instead. Welcome to tag along! ( sorry about that, just couldn’t resist it)

As I was thinking about Cathy’s post and daily or weekly challenges I suddenly realized that I was actually doing a weekly challenge already although I hadn’t really thought about it that way.  I’m thinking about my Friday tutorials. Every Friday I post a tutorial, a DIY that you can try over the weekend if you like. The tutorial is usually something I myself have tried out during the week and then felt like sharing with you all. So I decided that I would continue with my Friday Tutorials during 2012 too.

So now I have two challenges for 2012 thanks to Cathy’s post!


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  1. Hi Jeanette - I've been ages on your blog catching up with all your posts - just wonderful! I'm very tempted to join Tag Tuesday - Carolyn Saxy lives quite near me - what a small world!! Love your glass cloche - very up market.