måndag 16 januari 2012

Watch duty & wood carving

My husband had to mend the tiles on the barn roof on Saturday and I was assigned to watch duty in case he fell down. That was about as exciting as watching white paint dry but luckily I had my carving knife with me and after I found a few birch branches in the wood pile I had much more fun. With one eye on my husband and one on the carving knife I happily carved and carved. I used the branch “as it was” meaning that I tried to see what it resembled and then carved after the image I had in my head.

When my husband was finished I had three little figures. A bunny,

party fox

and a rabbit with moveable arms and legs.

When I got home I gave them a stroke of paint with a little help from a friend….

Wood carving turned out to be a good cure against boredom!


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  1. Visst är det kul att tälja! Själv gjorde jag en ljusstake igår!