fredag 13 januari 2012

The Friday Tutorial

A garden cloche

Although it is only the beginning of January I have started planning for the gardening season. I collected a lot of seeds from flowers last summer and I can hardly wait to get started with the planting. I have a green house in my garden but have been thinking about getting a garden cloche or two for protection of tiny plants outdoors.

There are numerous benefits had by using a cloche. They shelter the plants from frost and strong winds and it warms the soil and encourages early germination. They also keep insects away and hopefully the field rabbits (real pests) too. I like a glass cloche best mostly because it is beautiful glittering in the sun but also because you can use them indoors to display your special items. They are rather expensive though…..

So where am I going with this gardening lesson you might wonder. Well I thought I would give you a tutorial on how to make a cloche of glass on your own and dead cheap too.

Sorry about the photo quality but made it in the evening and had to use a flash.

You need: a vase or a glass jar, a glass (wineglass, desert cup) that is big enough to fit the bottom of the vase, strong two component glue and some tape for securing the glasses when you have glued them together.

Wash the glasses and make sure they are completely dry. Mix the glue and add a thin layer on the bottom of the vase and the rim of the glass. Place the glass on top of the bottom of the vase, press together and secure with tape.

Wait until the glue has hardened and tadah - a glass cloche!

I will have to wait a while longer for plants but why not use it fore something else in the meantime.

Now I leave you for the weekend. Hope you have a creative one!

PS If you want to make an even cheaper one just cut off the bottom of a plastic coke bottle and you are done! Not that beautiful though!

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