måndag 23 januari 2012


I am not a patient woman. Passion YES but patience - no I haven’t got a lot of that. This makes me a woman who does things fast, who is no good at waiting and more often than not acts before having actually thought things true. But, and this is important I am NOT rude or impatient with people who doesn’t do things quite at my speed – I just tend to chose doing most things myself!

I want to see a result fast and I think that’s why I take photos instead of paint pictures, do wet felting instead of quilts, embroidery instead of weaving and almost never knit with a thin yarn…..and it’s why I don’t do leaven bread! Just the mere thought of having to wait for the bread to rise for days on end makes me itch all over.

The not being patient thing is also why I don’t do gardens or at least didn’t until quite recently. Gardening is all about patience. You plan, you plant and then you do what? Yes you WAIT!

My gardening used to consist of frequent trips to the nursery where I bought all the plants I could lay my hands on, planted them and then forgot all about them. I got a fast result that’s true but it never lasted for long. Nowadays I really try to fight the urge to do “a quick fix” when it comes to gardening.

If someone had said a few years back that I would own a green house, grow my own plants from seeds and have vegetable garden I would have laughed out loud. But what do you know, things can change. Who knows I might start to doing quilts next….or not!


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