fredag 6 januari 2012

The Friday Tutorial

Brooch from tealight metal cups

Do you throw the metal cup away when your tealight has burnt down? Don’t! Use it to make a brooch instead. The soft metal of the cup is very easy to work with and you can cut it with an ordinary scissor.

This is what you need: metal cups, a knitting pin, and a a pair of scissors. You also need a rolling-pin, some scrap fabric, embroidery yarn, a needle and buttons.

Start by cleaning the cup from candle-grease and remove the tiny candle wick holder. Cut the cup with the scissor to resemble a flower.

Flatten it with the rolling pin.

Make a second piece but this time just a circle.

Make a pattern on the backside of the flower and the circular piece by using the sharp edge of your knitting pin. The metal is so soft that it feels like drawing with a pen.

Cut a piece of scrap fabric into a circle that is 1,5 cm larger than the flower. I used felt. Put the two pieces of metal on the fabric and secure it with a button. Add some embroidery if you like.

Finish it all off by sewing on a brooch needle on the back of the fabric.

Wear it with pride.

Now I leave you for the weekend. Hope you have a creative one.


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