onsdag 11 januari 2012

A new family member

Both my daughters started riding at the age of six. I am not a “horseperson” myself and was somewhat taken aback by their choice of sports. I never became a pony mum and my opinion of horses is still that they are mostly unreliable, with sharp teeth in the front and kicking hoofs at the back. I was always afraid when I watched them riding especially show jumping and my anxiety didn’t decrease by the fact that my eldest daughter always seemed to like the difficult horses best.  

My youngest stopped riding at the age of 15 ( thank god) but my eldest kept on and chose a high school (boarding school) where she could continue developing her riding skills. The last two years in school she even rented a horse full time. He was sweet as sugar as long as you didn’t ride him but I spent more time than I care to remember at emergency rooms and doctors. Ever since she graduated and had to return her horse she has been on about buying one of her own and now she has.

This weekend we welcomed the new family member – Elite Moonshine. He is 8 years old, a trotter with both a famous dad and granddad ( Mack Lobell) but has never entered a trotting race himself.

Do you know what? I think I am in love. He is sweet, calm and very reliable and when I watched my daughter ride him I felt calm for the fist time in many years. I actually helped out with the grooming, well I didn’t pick the hoofs….I don’t have that strong a death wish…but I did everything else. I even brushed his tail.

I think he likes me too. Could have something to do with the amounts of carrots I am bribing him with….

But I draw the line at stable duty though and I will never ever ride myself! I prefer having my feet firmly on the ground!


PS Needless to say I didn’t do a lot of knitting or other creative stuff this weekend. I just finished a crocheted border on one of my knitted shawls. Promise to show it to you another day.

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