fredag 20 januari 2012

The Friday Tutorial

Recycled shawl
I have enough cowls and shawls to last me a lifetime but still can’t stop making them. It is easy and fun and I can do it while watching TV. If I pass a shawl on a jumble sale I try to will myself to walk past it but usually end up buying it anyway. If it is a 100 % nature materials that is, no synthetic stuff for me. I often pimp the ones I buy at jumble sales so here is a tutorial on how to do it - fast and easy!

You need: An old shawl made of 100 % wool, maybe one you have knitted yourself ages ago and never wore or one you bought at the jumble sale last winter (....and never wore). You also need some merino wool.

Spread your shawl out on a synthetic piece of fabric. Make a nice pattern using your wool. I went for a flower pattern using merino wool.

Sprinkle hot soap water over the shawl and “fasten” the wool by using circular movements with your hands.

Roll the shawl and the fabric together and secure it with strings in a few places.
Throw it in the spin dryer for between 3-10 minutes. Check it out often by unrolling it and see if the wool has stuck to the shawl. If you let it stay in the spin dryer for too long you risk having made a kettle holder instead. Nothing wrong with kettle holders I collect them too....but maybe not the item you where going for this time.

Tadah! Done! Now you can embellish it with some embroidery if you like!

Now I leave you for the weekend. Hope you have a creative one!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Fantastiskt resultat, otroligt snyggt!

  2. Supersnyggt! Tack för att du beskrev hur man gör. Du får det att låta lätt, men vågar mig inte på det. Än.