torsdag 19 januari 2012

Friday tomorrow

Yep, thats me! I am four I think.
I have not always been into crafts but I’ve always had a need to express myself in some way or other. In my teens it was mostly through music or writing. I sang in different choirs, wrote poems, short stories and in letters-to-editor columns. For many years I dreamt of being a journalist until a terrible high school teacher put an end to my dreams by only focusing on the fact that I didn’t know my grammar well enough.

I don’t really know when my crafting started or how. Oh I knitted the odd sweater in the 80: ies and did some embroidery too and I even gave sewing my own clothes a try but I never really got hooked. Thinking back on it now I can’t really understand what I filled my time with before felting, metal craft and recycled stuff entered my life. It could have something to do with my kids being older and the fact that I actually have spare time nowadays I guess.....

Maybe it isn’t all that interesting when it started but more importantly that it did. Without my crafting I would never have entered the world of Blogs nor had exhibitions – a whole new world opened up and has given me so much. My head is constantly spinning with ideas and the joy of working with an idea from start to finish and realizing that it turned out well is enormously inspiring. It`s even fun when they don`t turn out so well. That can give you a laugh or two for sure!
I believe that everyone can be creative and that everyone has a talent. It’s just that for some – like it was for me - it`s hidden and yet to be explored.Thats why I started with my Friday tutorials hoping to inspire some of you to give my DIY a try and find that inner creative person that I am sure you are!
See you all tomorrow!

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