torsdag 12 januari 2012


I have a really short attention span. I start on so many things with great plans of getting them finished but then something more fun comes along ….a new idea….and I just have to try that out instead.

Do you remember these?

They just lack some embroidery and then they would be finished.

Or this?

I got as far as one coat of white paint and then I grew tired of it.

Or my brown linen tunic… very boring now!

Or the skirt I started making using a jumble sale finding, a 70: ies pillow cover. Not nearly finished.

…and last but not least - these! I feel ashamed to tell you but I haven’t made that second sock yet. And how I bragged about wanting to knit only socks in the future... until an intriguing pattern for a cabled cowl came along.....

In the past I have tried to be very hard on myself telling me that I can’t buy any new yarn or start on anything new before I have finished what I have already started. But it never worked! I cheated, using yarn that I had already got telling myself that it was okay. Yep, I am a basketcase!

Nowadays I`ve stopped punishing myself thinking that it will probably turn out okay in the end anyway. I will bury my UFO:s in a big basket and if just enough time passes until I find them again  I will look upon them with renewed interest and probably ditch something else to continue with the UFO:s instead. Pretty smart huh?


2 kommentarer:

  1. Jag har också en tendens att samla på mig fler ufon än vad som är bra. Det är ju som skönt när man avslutar något. Nu har jag flera som bara har liiite kvar, bara att ordna alltså!

  2. Ever heard of the Second Sock Syndrome, SSS? You've got it. Bad.