onsdag 8 februari 2012


I’ve been wanting to start on a new series of embroidery ever since I bought this little picture at a jumble sale last summer. I love the drawing and the beautiful color of the aged paper. I also love the simplicity of the old frame. This picture hangs on the wall in my bedroom at the country house and I want to add a group of glass framed embroideries to another wall in that room. I am thinking about a hand drawn animal theme with a vintage feel to it.
I decided to use the fabric I colored with coffee and tea because the color gives the fabric a nice aged look.
So what animals then? I finally decided on a field rabbit, a fox and a deer because they are a natural part of the country wild life. I just might do an owl too. I am absolutely rubbish at drawing on free hand so I had to look up a couple of drawings in a book and use them as inspiration for the sketch I made on the fabric.

This is how the embroidery turned out.

One of the drawings I used as inspiration was in a vintage children’s reading book and had the letters Hh next to it. ( Field rabbit is called Hare in Swedish.) So I am thinking that I just might add the letters Hh to the embroidery as well and maybe a cutout from a dictionary sewn on there too. I haven`t quite decided yet. I will keep you posted !


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