onsdag 15 februari 2012


Until recently I lived without the knowledge that something as beautiful as Noro yarn existed. Handspun, hand dyed and with fantastic colors….I was probably the only knitter in the world that hadn’t discovered it yet…. But last week I did and now I am in Noro heaven. This is the yarn I bought. A beautiful mix of pink colors and the blend is 50% cotton, 35% silk and 15% wool.

Noro made me want to step out of my comfort zone a bit so I bought yarn to make a cardigan and not a shawl. That might not be a giant leap for mankind but it sure is for me! Since the yarn cost a fortune I really, really wanted to knit something that I felt pleased  with wearing so I borrowed a book at my local Library with Nuro patterns. Noro knitting by Jane Ellison.

This is what I am going for….Yep,  I know it is a pullover but I am going to change the pattern into a cardigan instead.

I have already started. Don`t you just lover the mix of colors?

I think this will be the perfect spring cardigan!

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