torsdag 9 februari 2012

The leaf is a FAL

This is my leaf – finished at last. I used all the stuff that I love the most. The inner leaf is made by wire covered with paper mache and then painted white. The birds and the squirrel are made from soda cans and the flowers are made of tea light cups. The heart is hand carved from a birch branch. The text around the leaf is added using decoupage and is a verse from an old Swedish love song. Last but not least I made a tiny embroidery and added to the stem. The whole leaf has sort of a love theme so when I made the embroidery I was thinking about the way lovers carve letters in the bark of a tree. So naturally it had to be J+P - the first letters in me and my husbands names.

Next week I will send the leaf off to the organizers. In March there will be an exhibition of the south Swedish leaves here in Malmö and then the big exhibition is in Stockholm at the beginning of June. Oh I can hardly wait …..It will be so much fun seeing all the other 1999 leaves made. 


3 kommentarer:

  1. Åh, så fint löv du har gjort! Och så skönt att du är färdig med det, själv har jag lite kvar på mitt men jag hinner nog!

  2. Det blev fint! Kul med många olika favorittekniker och saker på samma löv.

  3. I just love your Loving Leaf Jeanette - wonderful materials you've used to make such a beautiful thing. Love your rabbit/hare in the previous post too - you have so many different creative abilities - clever you!