fredag 10 februari 2012

The Friday Tutorial

Tin can flower pot
I love tin cans as you may know by now! I have a big collection and use them often in my creative work. Today I was dreaming about spring flowers ( it`s snowing outside...) and that gave me a great urge to create a flower pot. From a tin can of course.... Some of my collection....

You need: A tin can (of course), a heavy duty nibbler for dismantling the tin can and a not so heavy duty flush cutter for cutting out the pattern. You also need a sanding paper.

1. Make a template. I made a crown.

2. Trace your template to the tin and cut it out. Use your sanding paper to soften the edges.

3.Paint your tin in any color you like. Depends a bit on the flowers you are going to put in it I guess. If you want to you can paint it on the inside too.

4.Decorate you tin. I used printed photos and decoupage glue. I also glued on some text. If you plan on giving it away you can personalize it to fit the receiver.

Just plant some flowers in it and voila - finished. I plan to put some spring bulbs in mine.

Now I leave you for the weekend. Hope you have a creative one!


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  1. Jeanette, var kommer din skaparkraft ifrån? Jag beundrar dig...