måndag 13 februari 2012

A week of knits

I am a yarn-o-holic of great proportions. My collection is huge and varied. My mother taught me how to knit when I was six years old and I have knitted on and off since then. I had a period of almost frantic knitting in the 80: ies when it was high fashion to knit mohair cardigans and pullovers in bright ( we are talking neon here…) colors and with large knitting pins. Large knitting pins suited me very well since I am a woman with very little patience… You could start on a pullover one night and be finished the next.

The sad thing about my knitted stuff over the years is that I am very seldom satisfied with the result. That’s why I mostly knit shawls nowadays because I am almost always pleased with the outcome of those.

Right now I am in a knitting period! My head is spinning  with all kinds of ideas and things I like to try out….like shibori knitting or knitting with scraps…using all those tiny balls or just strings even of my left over yarn… I simply can’t throw any away you see, however tiny yarn there is left.

I am inspired by this fabulous book by the Finnish author Sanna Vatanen. The book was a Christmas gift from me to me!

I am so obsessed with knitting right now that I decided to dedicate this weeks posts entirely to knitting.

So welcome to a week of knits!

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