tisdag 14 februari 2012

Tag Tuesday & Tea cozy

Here is my Tag for this weeks Tag Tuesday which had Valentine as its theme. I first planned to let the little cupid knit a heart since this week my blog is dedicated to knitting but didn’t have the time. Why? Well I was busy knitting something else….. a hat!

Next Saturday my husband and I are going to the Swedish “Alps” together with our youngest daughter. My husband usually goes away for a week of skiing with both our daughters and I very happily stay at home. I don’t do that skiing stuff and have never really figured out the greatness about it. Why spend time in a scary ski lift just to end up staring down a steep, icy slope wearing a pair of slippery wooden planks? I don’t have that big a death wish…Anyway this year my eldest has to stay home to work and take care of her horse so I volunteered to tag along. I am going to work during the days, sitting in our cozy cabin and writing two big project reports and then I’ll finish the workday with some partying! I might not like skiing you see but have absolutely no problem with taking advantage of the fun stuff that comes with it….like an after ski party with a glass of red and some singing.

So I needed a warm hat and one that was ultra fast to knit at that. I was going for a kind of urban grunge chic kind of thing but I think I ended up with a tea cozy.

Do you want to knit a tea cozy of your own? No? Well you might like to buy some of the beautiful red wool yarn instead. Then you can buy it at my blog friend Marias shop

Have a great day!

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